AceD team has introduced a brand-new website. The new website provides helpful information about who they are, what they stand for and what are their values on development, delivering and maintaining various platforms they are currently focusing on.

The website has a sleek design and is pretty intuitive. The navigating within the site has actually enhanced a whole lot particularly the menu capability which directs you to the relevant details with a click of a button. The site is pretty responsive with mobile devices, making it very easy to navigate on a vast array of internet browsers and also mobile devices.

There are sections within the site that gives you a quick run thru about what’s currently active and what’s their plan for future. The site includes links to their ecosystem which includes details about AceD Gaming, AceD Vault, AceD Dashboard and AceD Streaming.

I am waiting when AceD Snap will be launched which will help people see the world thru the eyes of a photographer on AceD platform.Soon it will be all about click, share and earn via AceD platform.

The site also contains technical details about their project which according to me is an important thing as it helps individuals to make the right decisions when it comes to investing in Crypto Arena.

AceD community, mass adoption, passive income via staking and masternodes and high liquidity is what makes this platform/project different from others.

The team constantly updates the community on their progress via different mediums such as Twitter and Discord.

Looking at their Q1 goal for this year, it seems like there will be some noticeable changes in the way they would function going forward, things like-

==> Relaunching of their AceD Streaming platform where people get to earn AceD coins by sharing their experience on various popular games, talk shows etc.
==> If you are a game lover you should see some noticeable changes to AceD Gaming Hub where you can play, trade, spend and earn AceD coins.
==> New exchange listing via community votes.
==> Redesigning of AceD Dashboard is also planned where AceD merchants will be able to view important information about the network, adoption rate and closely watch the market trends.

With that being said, I think the new website has all the juice and feel to create an experience you’re looking for when you pay them a visit.

Check out the new website here:


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