In July 2017, Binance developed it’s own Token Binance Coin (BNB).

Before they released their exchange, they did a sign-up and also recommendation program where they distributed 1000’s of token to people.

Today those tokens are trading at over $14 each.

In April this year, Bittrex is opening a brand-new exchange specifically targeted at the Asian market, called Bitsdaq, which is registered in Hong Kong. They are also giving out tokens and you can get 1000’s of their BXBC tokens absolutely free.

You will get 1000 tokens just for signing up using the link below.

Sign Up Today:

After that there is a 200 token DAILY incentive for just logging right into the site each day until 31st of March 2019.

So if you sign in everyday until 31st March 2019 you will receive additional 4600 BXBC Tokens absolutely free.

They also have a referral system. If any individual signs up using your referral code then they will receive 1000 BXBC Tokens and you will get 800 BXBC Tokens.

If you complete your KYC you will receive an additional 5000 BXBC Token. Currently, I know a lot of individuals do not want to give out their details for KYC, however, keep in mind that ALL the exchanges require this BY LEGISLATION, Bitsdaq is no different.

This is all entirely free money.

It’s feasible to collect over 10000 free BXBC Tokens by the end of March. Even if they are trading as reduced as $0.50 by the end of the year, that totals up to $5K. Envision they are trading at half the value of BNB presently?

Don’t postpone, register TODAY. The longer you wait it will cost you 200 Tokens.

Sign Up Today:

By the way, the exchange itself looks very professional as well as fluid. Nothing much less than you would expect from a specialist firm like Bittrex.


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