Back in the day’s the main use of Radio was to broadcast news in different parts of the world. Then came the era for music which bought forward music lovers and young people giving them a chance to find the musical color of their choice by listening to various broadcasting stations.

With the birth of the internet, things changed for good, and as time went by, radio sets were replaced by computers followed by smartphones and tablets. The current generation loves mobility and technology advancement hence apart from a regular radio broadcast, online streaming, and podcast came into existence.

While the number of people accessing and streaming music has increased drastically with time, there are still some services which are still not known to many. One such service is called “Bitrad”.

I’ve been listening to Bitrad online radio for a while now, and I must say that I love it. This has been my daily dose of music.

Bitrad is not just any other online streaming service. What makes them unique is that this is built around the Blockchain ecosystem. Meaning not only you get to hear 30,000+ radio stations from all over the world, but you also get to earn “BRO” coin for the time you spend streaming online.

Every second you stream your favorite radio station, you earn activity points. Every hour 120.00 BRO (4 per Block) will go to users who listen to music.

While we cannot deny that blockchain is evolving and things like this bring the music and the audience together. I can easily stream music off of my smartphone, computer, or even smart tv. Not only this, but you can also stream YouTube and Twitch videos off of this platform and earn Cryptocurrency in the form of BRO coins.

Earned BRO coins can be staked as this is POS coin, which means no miners and no power wastage.

One can also run a MasterNode and earn some passive income even while sleeping. Depending on the operating system you are using, you have Windows/Mac and Linux wallets available to get started.

It has a player for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can save your favorite stations with a click of a button and come back to it anytime.

So, if you want to be part of this fantastic project, click HERE to get started. I am positive that you would love this platform for there is something in there for everyone.

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