As time pass by technology advances has been useful for all of us to have a convenient life. We enjoy living day by day in the advancement of material thing. Have we realized what happening in the world around us? The animals, humans, and plants all of living things suffering in the environment that is destroying by humans itself! Poverty everywhere, lack of education, animals are in danger plants too! This is the time to us act and help mother nature to restore its beauty and become an eco-friendly again for livings this and give a hand to people in needs.

GLOBY COIN created for the better world with the benefits of everybody! Globycoin will be one of the safest, fastest coins to date compared to the competitors we have right now, through our projects and the coin we believe that everybody will be given an opportunity to earn money while investing in our planet to create a better environment, this is a true coin for everyone.

Priority Goal Of Globycoin

1. Is to help the poor and needy in disadvantaged areas of the globe. We can choose to donate local institutions or aid groups of the communities choice.

2. Will order to supplies of food, water, medicine, education, medical facilities, etc. However, our main intention is to help educate the population so we can build a foundation and not just provide aid.

3. GlobyCoin will also to preserve local Environment, or even import plants and animals to help sustain the local ecosystem and help create a safe haven for endangered species of that region, which will create a natural oasis for the animals.

4. Our aim main aim is to be able to make these projects self-sustainable, generating a profit from Masternodes, and Prices From Exchanges . Our Intention is to use 30% of the entire profit, generated by the Globy projects, to further develop and create new projects.

All investors will help create not only a truly independent charity organization, but an organization that will continue to try and improve global environmental issues, and with the help of the community, Globy Coin will add Improvements to the project in the future.

Join the team and be part of the project that will turn our world a better place to live in and gave a hand to the needy!

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