The NoBs crypto project which is backed by John Mcafee just announced a massive coin burn of 75% tokens. The burn will occur on 23 October 2018 and will slash away the majority of tokens from existence leaving max supply to 2.5 billion at most and circulating supply to 750 million approx, but wait this is not it! the nobs crypto ecosystem works on a bidding platform where users bid NoBs to review projects and tokens used for bidding are burnt reducing total supply even more.

The coin burn has resulted in positive spark from nobs community as they have asserted more trust into the team for showing that they mean business and the undistributed tokens will simply not released in the market anytime later. At the time of press, Nobs was trading at $0.0009 which is 300% up since the burn announcement and volumes on all exchanges combined reflected over 1 million USD which is the highest volume recorded for this coin so far.

Speaking on the matter John Mcafee took onto the twitter and applaud the core team behind Nobs crypto project however his tweet was deleted shortly afterward perhaps due to SEC suspicions against various pump dump schemes and since Mcafee will be running for presidential elections later.

The nobs crypto which was a Non-ICO token and 100% free airdrop has proved its ground in various niches already by delivering faster than a roadmap, 3 major exchanges listing and now burning the unused tokens.

Tomorrow founder of Nobs crypto is expected to speak at mars blockchain summit in New York and in two weeks nobs team will meet investors at the World crypto con in Las Vegas, the future looks quite bright for this 6 months old project.


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