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One of the most successful airdrop project in cryptocurrency with no ICO and 100% airdrop where there are influential and experienced people behind the scenes like Chris Koerner and John Mcafee.

The project leaders are quite active in all channels and social media providing regular updates to their supporters.

NOBS has recently been listed to Coinbene as a part of Mcafee Alliance (an alliance of tokens and exchanges to eliminate scam from crypto horizon)

Mcafee alliance has been targeting scam and unfair exchanges such as HITBTC and offers a free listing to any project willing to delist from HITBTC to Coinbene which is among to 20 exchanges and usually paid listing charges can be as much as 100 ETH.

NOBS CRYPTO founder Chris Koerner is a serial entrepreneur who has proven his grounds outside crypto in various business fields and now aims to bring out his ideas into crypto space , this challenging environment and aims to make an ecosystem surrounding NOBS token where the token is used for bidding onto different projects reviews and the winning bidders are offered the job of paid reviews where they are paid in USD or BTC while the tokens used for bidding are burnt hence reducing the supply and increasing the demand which in-turns help raise the price in market.

The beta bidding platform for this model was launched last week and full production is expected to launch in Q1 2019 with full-fledged media campaign meanwhile the developing team for NOBS will be meeting investors at the World CryptO Con WCC 2018 from OCT 31 to 2NOV

As the name suggests NOBS is no bullshit and should be on the watch-list as this could be the next big thing in crypto



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