What makes “OHM” stand out from other POS coins that are readily available out there? Well, follow along to understand the difference.

OHM is a decentralized currency that rewards act of kindness and sustainability. It is one of those coins that have chosen rate quite lately and is proactively being discussed. It was originally launched in May of 2017 and also the additional advancement of the coin and its platform are ongoing.

It’s a currency with genuine value that believes in enabling people to create a change in this world.

OHM is related to a digital community. It is being created in cooperation with SVV which stands for “Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis”.

As of June 2017, SVV management introduced its LAMB effort which is special in it’s kind.

What is Compassion?

It is deliberate positivity. It is being compassionate. It is giving your time, your power, your objectives. OHM Coin claims to certainly award you for anything which enhances, exercises or nurtures the Mind, Body, or Spirit.

This is a POS coin and this makes it different from BTC which deals with POW concept. It uses Base58-encoded strings of 34 numbers and also letters in its address.

POS Variable Interest For This Coin Is As Follows-

1st year: 20%.
2nd year: 15%.
3rd year: 10%.
4th and subsequent years: 5%.

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