With the search for a source of passive income among investors in the Crypto world, I must admit that MasterNodes are gaining popularity. This offers investors yet another chance to earn an income from their holdings while they continue to support the coin’s infrastructure.

MasterNodes acts a service for blockchain on a coins network where its role is to verify transactions, rather than relying on a system such as that of a Bitcoin, where the miners end up using all their mining power to gain the right to verify a transaction. MasterNode is a full node wallet on a blockchain which runs 24×7 and keeps a complete copy of the transactions.

One such MasterNode project is BeetleCoin. It’s a digital currency based on the latest blockchain technology and decentralized network architecture. It offers seamless, instant, and low-cost transactions along with privacy.

With a low cost of entry at 10,000 Beets per MasterNode, users can now start setting up their Beet MasterNodes. The team is currently reworking on the code to accommodate the changes however the draft proposal looks a follows-

==> Tier 1 aka Basic Node
1) Requires 10000 BeetleCoin
2) Receives 4% of the block reward

==> Tier 2 aka Classic Node
1) Requires 50000 BeetleCoin
2) Receives 19% of the block reward

==> Tier 3 aka Standard Node
1) Requires 150000 BeetleCoin
2) Receives 62% of the block reward

The is a plan to also include 10% Dev fee on payment of all blocks. There are some security patches to be released as well with the new code.

BeetleCoin mission is to increase the possibility for a common man to invest in MasterNodes thereby creating a source of some passive income. The team also offers technical assistance to those who need help setting up MasterNode.

So, it makes sense to choose a project that has long-term potential than investing in something for some quick profit. We all want to see steady growth with a sizeable passive income, don’t we?

With BeetleCoin, not only you can earn by running MasterNodes but also via Staking, ie by merely holding the coins in your wallet.

When it comes to liquidity, BeetleCoin doesn’t fall behind. With listing on over 12 exchanges, BeetleCoin offers you an option to sell your coins anytime.

For more details on BeetleCoin, please refer to the following links-

Website – https://beetlecoin.io/
Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/NsJkV6g
Twitter – https://twitter.com/beetlecoin

**Note: This isn’t an investment advise. Please do your due diligence before investing in any project. For the latest news from CryptoWorld, please subscribe to our newsletter.**


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