Vulcano is a community-oriented coin that was originally created at the end of 2017. This coin when launched was a high staking coin with an annual return of 950%. There were a couple of errors within the code when the coin was initially launched by the old team which got the annual return to 320000%. When the team came across this error, they got together to fix this and give this coin a new and stable platform.

The code for this coin is based on Bulwark which is built on PIVX, which itself is built on DASH cryptocurrency.

Coin Specs Are As Follows

Ticker – VULC
Algorithm – NIST5
Block Spacing – 90 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm – Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Block Size – 1MB
Mined/Minted Maturity – 67 Blocks (∼100 Minutes)
Confirmation – 6 Blocks (∼9 Minutes)
Circulation (1 Year) – 246,194,250
Circulation (5 Years) – 421,126,225
PoW Period – nHeight 60
PoS Period – nHeight 61
Protocol Support – IPV4, IPV6, TOR
PoS – Blackcoin v3.0 PoS

It’s no doubt that community plays an important role in long-term for any project. This project aims at reaching the masses and not just a few people who hold a massive amount of coins and manipulate the market. One solution to this twinned problem of over-centralization is the Vulcano Research Ecosystem. As the Vulcano Foundation funds research in the geothermal domain, it is expected that it will acquire a portfolio of intellectual property.

Vulcano Features

Masternodes – These are computers that hold the blockchain network together and verify transactions on its network. It works 24×7. Individuals running such nodes are rewarded with coins. This feature also helps in stabilizing the coin supply which in turns has a positive effect on the coin price. To run Vulcano MasterNode you need 50000 VULC.

Coin Mixing – As the core code is based on Bulwark, this coin offers an additional layer of privacy in transactions. This isn’t 100% anonymous, obfuscation via node mixing it is far superior to the standard Bitcoin transaction.

Swift Transactions – Vulcano support swift transaction where as soon as a transaction is submitted to the network, a group of MasterNodes jump in to swiftly validate the transaction. This makes it possible for multiple transactions to take place before a block on the network is mined with the same inputs. This system is based on Dash’s InstantSend.

Sporks – Vulcano is based on Bulwark’s code hence it supports sporking. This will enable the VULC network to implement new features while minimizing the chances of an unintended network fork during rollout.

TOR IPV6 MasterNodes – Vulcano will allow the user to run their full node or masternode from either an onion address or an IPV6 address.

The team is also working on something called as Hardware Nodes which can be deployed globally to provide decentralization of the network and a greater degree of security. Users will be able to connect this to their home network and configure using a Web UI. This will definitely boost the decentralization of the network as one need not have to depend on specific VPS providers for a defined region to run MasterNodes on their network. This will also help the Vulcano Foundation in an effort to increase geographic distribution and coin lock up through deploying static nodes.

There’s also plan for setting up Vulcano Store which will be a market for digital goods that operates off the Vulcano blockchain.

So overall I feel that this project has a lot of potential in the upcoming days and one should definitely give them a read.

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