Staker developers and the team are committed in delivering a good service to all users and investors.

These are the reasons why you should invest:

Proof-of- Stake (Pos) feature-

Keeping your STR in your private Ethereum wallet will give you a passive income where your token stake on its own. Not needing electricity and a device to be open 24/7 instead you can mint your STR when its reach to its coinage minimum of 3 days and maximum of 90 days. By minting the claimed stake will be added to your holding balance it will be compound including your original STR in your wallet.

Staker also developed a calculator for users and holders to check the expected stake and the coinage of their holding balance by using this application

How to use the calculator?

Copy your Ethereum address and paste it on the space provided in the calculator your expecter stake and coinage will appear.


Live airdrop every week in discord channel where everyone can participate. New rules weekly announce following the rules correctly will make you eligible and free Staker token will arrive in your wallet during the distribution.

There are 40 rounds of airdrop that have been set and as of now, they are ithe n 17th round 23 more round awaits.

Join in discord channel where the community are happy to help and answer your inquiries.


As the project progresses and continues development. Staker official forum created where members, team, and community interact. News, details, development and other cryptos; and staker can be found.

Local forums are also available where you can communicate to your local people. NOT ONLY THAT, BOUNTIES and GIVEAWAYS are there to get more free token.

And Finally…

The most awaited CEE-LO APPLICATION is not in beta-testing with the STR whales and the team before launching to the user.

After all, the test was done and application is guaranteed working it will be launch to the public to use and start using STR to play in the application.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of STAKER TOKEN INVEST, EARN and ENJOY!!

For more details feel free to visit the link below:

Bitcointalk Ann:


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