Staker is ERC20 token it is also a Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract token in Ethereum Platform.

A Token where you can stake in your Ethereum wallet no need for electricity, pc or laptop all you need is hold your STR in your Eth wallet and its mining on its own. Then after coinage means that your STR token matures you can perform minting to get your POS reward and will be added to your balance.

Cee-Lo is developing a gambling site. The main purpose of STR and the beta will be release very soon as developers working day by day progressing on what the roadmap states.

Airdrop also live where is 40 rounds in total and we are now in 14th round. Every round there are new set of rules posted in order for the participants to follow and do the requirements correctly in order to be eligible and; receive airdrop distribution week.

AND INTRODUCING THE STAKER FORUM! A newly forum created by staker for the community and everyone who wants to be engage with the community as well, WHY YOU SHOULD REGISTER IN THE FORUM?

Registering in the forum will give you a change of receiving more str aside from joining the airdrop.

There is Weekly Marketing Task that you can do to gain points and convert to stake for STR token where allocated number of Staker will be divided who completed the task.
Optional posting to also get additional 100 stakes in airdrop.
You can learn more about the project in this forum and other topics that will help in cryptocurrency related topics.

What are you waiting for join now and be part of Staker Forum Community?!

Click here to join the airdrop:

You can trade Staker in:
FORKDELTA STR/ETH:!/trade/0xbae235823d7255d9d48635ced4735227244cd583-ETH

For more info about Staker please visit:
Staker Whitepaper:
Bitcointalk ann:
Staker Forum:

Price Monitoring:


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